London’s most EPIC bar crawl all under one roof!

A well-balanced blend of cocktails, comedy and zany characters makes this refreshing event the perfect summer thirst-quencher. Your tipsy tour ‘round the world mixes your party spirit with — you guessed it — other spirits!

Sip your way through multiple themed rooms: Oktoberfest, Wild West saloon, polar ice bar, warm sandy beach, and more! This immersive drink-a-thon is a first-of-its-kind experience handcrafted by our mixologists of fun.

Two parts cocktail experience
A twist of immersive theatre
A dash of party
Garnish with a good time
…and serve immediately!

  • Intimate tours sizes up to 20 guests
  • Tours depart every 10 minutes
  • Experience lasts approximately 70 minutes
  • Each guest receives one “mini pour” or tipple in each themed bar location.

Get Ready To

Laugh Play Sing Dance Party Drink

“Exactly how I would have done it.”

The ghost of Walt Disney

"Best. Hen Do. Ever."

Baby Spice

“Epic! Super stoked! F’in Brilliant!!”

Some guy who really likes to do stuff

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You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

Helpie FAQ

General Information

  • What is an immersive cocktail experience?

    It is a care-free blend of theatre, music, dance, song, hilarious characters and other whacky hijinks – combined with booze! Who doesn’t want to get a little tipsy at a bunch of totally different decked out themed bars while being thoroughly entertained?!

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  • What happens at Mr. Tipsy's Down the Hatch!?

    You and your group tour a series of rooms, each themed and dedicated to a different spirit or alcohol. Every room has tongue-in-cheek characters and Instagrammable/Tik-Tokable moments. Plus outrageous and fun activities! And last but not least – each room features a “mini pour” or tipple cocktail related to the room’s theme.

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  • How long is the experience?

    There are 7 rooms which you’ll enjoy for 10 minutes before moving onto the next location. The entire experience lasts 70 minutes.

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  • Where is it located?

    We are based at One America Square, in the heart of the City of London and just meters from the Tower of London. Visit Plan Your Visit for more information.

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  • What are your hours of operation?

    Our operating hours can be found on the Plan Your Visit page. And visit our Booking Calendar for the most up to date information and to book your tickets.

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  • Is there parking?

    Regrettably not. But you can get to us by tube, train, bus, taxi, bicycle, and even boat – visit Plan Your Visit for more information.

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  • Are there age restrictions?

    The legal drinking age in the U.K. is 18, so… 18.

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  • Will new bookings become available?

    We certainly hope so! Sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about newly added tour dates.

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  • Ticketing Information

  • How much does a ticket cost?

    Prices range from £39.50 to £59.50 per person depending on the date and time you are attending. Tickets are dynamically priced (like an airline), and subject to change. If you want to save money, book early and choose less busy days – prices never go down!

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  • Can I purchase tickets at the venue?

    There may be a limited number of tickets available at the venue but there is no guarantee. Just remember that prices go up: so if you want to save a few quid, plan ahead!

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  • How often are the tours?

    Tours depart roughly every 10 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled tour for check-in. Your ticket is only valid for the date and time purchased. If you miss your time slot, your ticket is no longer valid.

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  • How large is each tour group?

    Each tour accommodates up to 20 guests. If you have less people in your group, you may be combined with another group – a perfect opportunity to meet new mates!

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  • I have more than 20 people in my group. Is that okay?

    Fancy you with so many friends! Each tour is capped at a maximum of 20 people. This is to offer the best possible experience. If you have more than 20 guests in your group, you’ll be split across additional tours.

    Also – Groups of 10 and over receive 10% off of their ticket price. Use code GROUP10% at checkout to receive your discount. This offer is not available Friday or Saturday evenings (Saturday afternoons okay!) You can also email us if you need help planning your visit.

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  • I have less than 20 people in my group or I am coming alone. Is that okay?

    No problemo! Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! was designed in part to help you meet new mates! You’ll be combined with other guests to make a complete tour group.

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  • Are there group discounts?

    Yas!! Groups of 10 and over receive 10% off of their ticket price. Use code GROUP10% at checkout to receive your discount. This offer is not available Friday or Saturday evenings (Saturday afternoons are okay!) You can also email us if you need help planning your visit.

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  • Are there corporate hires available or private buy-out options?

    Absolutely! Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch! is a great place to have a happy hour, team building event, hen/stag parties and birthday parties. Email us if you are interested in booking a private experience.

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  • I’ve lost my booking email - What should I do?

    No worries! Head to our Customer Service page and login or email us.

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  • Can I change or cancel my tickets?

    Tickets are non-refundable and can not be exchanged for another date. Tickets may be transferred to another person.

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  • The Experience

  • When should I arrive?

    Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your timed ticketed entry. After you check in, you’ll be able to enjoy a drink at The Holiday Bar. Keep in mind your ticket is only valid for the date and time purchased. If you miss your time slot, your ticket is no longer valid.

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  • Is coat-check available?

    Totally! We charge £1 per personal locker where your coats and belongings are securely stored. Please note: we have limited locker space on a first come, first served basis, and we bear no responsibility for lost or stolen items – use at your own risk.

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  • Should I print out my tickets?

    Naw – don’t print, save a tree! We use the magic of technology to let you waltz right in and begin having fun!

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  • Should we wear costumes?

    Though not required, we highly encourage dressing up! Here are a few ideas to match the experience: Halloween costumes, ugly Christmas sweaters, Western, beachwear, or tiki shirts. Feel free to get creative!

    Dress code, dress up, fancy dress, costumes
  • Are pictures allowed?

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Pics or it didn’t happen! We created this with social in mind — in fact, each room has perfect photo opportunities with fun props, so snap away! And don’t forget to tag us on socials: downthehatchldn on Insta, Facebook and Twitter!

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  • What are the room themes and what happens in them?

    We can’t spoil all the fun… Did you really think we were gonna tell you?? Come find out for yourself!!

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  • Are drinks included?

    YAS! Each ticket includes one “mini pour” or tipple per ticketed guest in every room in addition to the experience. Additional drinks are available for purchase at The Holiday Bar before and after your tour.

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  • How much will I be drinking?

    Roughly two cocktails. Each “mini pour” or tipple is portioned depending on the room – larger pours for beer, smaller ones for the hard stuff like whiskey. You’ll be tipsy enough by the end, we promise!

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  • Should we drink beforehand?

    We love a good party as much as the next person, and we also want everyone to be safe and mindful! Throughout the experience you will enjoy the equivalent of two cocktails. For this reason, we do not recommend “pregaming” before the event — consider us where your evening starts, not where it ends. Remember our slogan: Always tipsy, never drunk!

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  • What if I don’t drink?

    While each ticket includes one “mini pour” or tipple in every room, we also realise that not everyone drinks booze! So we have also included non-alcoholic options in every room. Simply inform the bartender or performer your preference when being served and they will gladly offer you a non-alcoholic alternative!

    Teetotal, non-alcoholic, don’t drink, sober, designated driver
  • Is there food?

    We do not currently offer food. There are plenty of nearby choices though and we encourage you to have some food in da belly before you go on your tour.

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  • I have an injury or disability - Is this restrictive?

    Besides lifting a glass, there are no strenuous physical activities throughout the experience. Well, a bit of dancing which is entirely optional! The experience is completely accessible. If you have any special needs please contact us so we can better accommodate.

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  • I am pregnant or on medication — can I still participate?

    Even though the experience centers around drinking, there is plenty to do that doesn’t include alcohol. There is dancing and singing and laughing and plenty of other activities. Please consult your physician before attending if you have any additional concerns.

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  • What if someone in my group gets too drunk or is being rude?

    The safety of our guests and staff is very important to us. Anyone acting unruly will be removed from the premises without refund. So please remind your group to be kind and drink responsibly! Remember our slogan: Always tipsy, never drunk!

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  • Why was Mr. Tipsy's Down the Hatch! created?

    During the lockdown, we all craved three things: see our mates, have a few laughs and have a proper drink! Mr. Tipsy’s Down the Hatch takes all those fun party ideas, unique travel destinations, and celebrations then bottles them into one single wackadoodle, tipsy tipple tour experience.

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  • What the heck is The Holiday Bar?

    Our really cool themed lobby bar. We’ve taken holidays and celebrations from around the world and combined them into one rollickin’ good time! We even have signature drinks for different holidays to mark the occasion. And why did we do this? Because holidays are fun and they remind us to be nice to one another. Plus… candy! The Holiday Bar is open to the public with or without a ticket – so pop in!

    Holidays, bar, drinks, alcohol, halloween, christmas, party, lobby
  • Who created this?

    This experience comes from the booze-powered mind of Nick A. Olivero (“Ollie”). He created The Speakeasy in San Francisco, an interactive Roaring 1920s experience, plus tons of other immersive experiences. Ollie asked his good buddy, Mark Nassar (who co-created Tony and Tina’s Wedding, like, a million years ago when the internet didn’t exist!) to help him develop the concept.

    Together, Ollie and Mark drank and talked and laughed and then drank some more as they created this crazy-wacky-silly idea. The purpose was simple: Create a fun event where groups and mates can socialize and celebrate safely, hilariously and tipsily.

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